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When you read the India manual (Above) you will notice some interesting changes in how we build our engines from what is listed. All listeroid power engines operate between 400 & 800 rpm's. We change engine horse power by increasing piston and valve sizes. Our 6/1 engine has 114.3 mm pistons. Our 8/1 engine has 120 mm pistons. Our 10/1 has 127 mm pistons and our 12/1 has 130 mm pistons. Valves also change as horse power increases as well as our custom camshaft lobes and placements in the engine.

For those of you new to Listeroid engines you may be wondering why there are no drawings of the Twin Cylinder engine and it's parts breakdown or listings. The answer is very simple, all single cylinder engine parts are the same on twin cylinder engines with the exception of the crankcase, crankshaft and camshaft making these engines simple to maintain and understand.

Pay close attention to those little colorful images that are placed throughout this web site. These images are screen shots or screen captures from our CNC Program called CamBam. If you click on one it will download the .cb file used to create it. All files are created using inches.

CamBam helps us create G-Codes from drawings we created inside CamBam that will operate on our CNC Masters milling machine, plus it allows us to share these files openly with anyone, so if you are interested in any of our files, goto and download a FREE copy of CamBam that will allow you to view, edit and share with us any changes that you would like made for your custom Listeroid engine. Use this email to send us .cb files:

Camshaft Assembly and Camshaft Side Cover Parts Start with the letter (A). Example:  Part Number 5 will be listed in the online store as (A-0005). The Camshafts lobe placements and the lobes profile greatly effects engines performance and how many hours the engine will last. A poorly built camshaft will cause all kinds of problems including connecting rod bearing failure.

Plate - A

Camshaft Tips & Tricks:

If you look closely at the camshaft assembly you will see that all of the parts use tapered pins to hold them onto the bare camshaft rod Part #: A-0001. These pins Part #: A-0011 and Part #: A-0012 are very difficult to install and makes minor adjustments of the lobes impossible. Instead of using the tapered pins, drill 3 holes in the lower part of the lobes, 4 holes in the gear and then tap the holes for allen head setscrews. The setscrews allow for easy and precise adjustments of the lobes and camshaft gear. Once your adjustments are complete, fill each setscrew hole, one at a time with JB Weld, reinsert the setscrew and tighten. The JB Weld locks the setscrews and camshaft lobes to the camshaft rod once dried.

Too reduce wear on the valve lobes and valve lifters, place 2 lobe profiles together.  This will double the lobe width and reduce camshaft stress. Keeping the lobes centered as shown will prevent lifter rotation. Move the lobes to the left or right if you wish to see your lobes rotate. To make one lifter rotate clockwise and the other counterclockwise move the camshaft lobes to the inside or outside depending on your personal preference.

For maximum push rod life, keep the lobes centered so the lifters do not rotate.

Lobe Placments 04-14-2016

The placement of each camshaft lobe is extremely important for proper engine operation. In this .cb file you will see all 3 lobes and there locations. Pay particular attention to the fuel lobe! It must point as shown on all Lister engines at TDC or you will damage your engine.

The intake and exhaust lobes can be slightly moved to match the lobe profile you are using.

Note: The intake and exhaust lobe profiles shown reduces fuel consumption by 25-50%, greatly increases horse power and reduces black smoke output from exhaust for a cleaner running engine.

Tapered Roller Bearing Style Crankcase with Parts Shown Start with the Letter (B). Example:  Part Number 57 will be listed in the online store as (B-0057). Note: The Crankcase block shown on Plate - B, Part #: B-0048 has never been used on our engines. We only use the Crankcase block shown on Plate - F, Part #: F-0001b for all Tapered Roller Bearing Engines.

Plate - B

Tapered Roller Bearing Crankshaft and Parts Start with the letter (C). Example: Part Number 94 will be listed in the online store as (C-0094). All listeroid power engines use Tapered Roller Bearings with our custom Induction Hardened Rod Bearing Journal Crankshafts and Copper Rod Bearing Shells. No more connecting rod bearing material flaking out causing crankshaft damage.

Crankshaft Tips & Tricks:

Placing the correct size O-Ring onto the Tapered Roller Bearing Housings Part #: C-0096 will prevent the Joints for Housing (Gaskets/Shims) Part #: C-0097 from working out causing an oil leak.

When installing the crankshaft also install the idler gear, then adjust the idler gear side bearing housing first so the crankshaft gear Part #: C-0094A aligns with the idler gear Part #: A-0045.

Plate - C

Cylinder Head Assembly Parts Start with the letter (D). Example: Part Number 152 will be listed in the online store as (D-0152). Listeroid powers custom cylinder head porting and CNC machining of critical ares in the cylinder head greatly increases horse power and reduced fuel consumption. All India cylinder heads are the same 6/1 type. Only custom CNC Machined cylinder heads have different valve sizes that match our custom camshaft lobes.

Cylinder Head Tips & Tricks:

Only install the inner valve spring on the intake and exhaust valves. This will greatly reduce the force needed to open the valves. This reduced pressure will help protect the engines entire valve train system, thereby increasing the engines life.

Plate - D

Fuel System Parts Start with the letter (E). Example: Part Number 192 will be listed in the online store as (E-0192).

Fuel Filter Tips & Tricks:

Replacing the wick with our custom screen will turn this filter assembly into a self cleaning fuel system. All you do is drain the dirt and junk from the bottom of the filter weekly or more often if your fuel is very dirty.

Plate - E

Parts List for Bush Bearing Type Engines Start with the letter (F). Example: Part Number 1b will be listed in the online store as (F-0001b). Listeroid power only uses this style of block for all our engines but with a TRB crankshaft and internal balancing weights.

Plate - F

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